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Poached African Grey Parrots confiscated

The majority of humans are indeed like a deadly virus to earth and her creatures….(Selfish) breeders and keepers are responsible for the demand.Without them, there would be no trade and suffering! 


NEW ARRIVALS: We’ve just received a large confiscation of African Grey Parrots from an illegal trader in Douala. The parrots are in extremely poor condition, with many being critically ill (and one dead upon arrival), and are currently receiving emergency care from our veterinary team. http://www.limbewildlife.org



90% of the illegally caught birds die before

they come into the pet shop or reach the breeder.

So please do not consider to get a pet bird unless it is from a bird sanctuary or a man made breed like many types of canaries for example…And even then, they need space to fly and other species of their family around them.To stick them as a single in a cage is like a life  long prison sentence in isolation for humans , in compare.

Sunday 22/02/2015

We are continuing to give emergency care to the 67 African Greys that arrived Friday afternoon. They are in the worst shape of any parrots we have received, many with wounds and all extremely thin. Even with immediate care, due to their poor condition, five parrots died shortly after their arrival. Those in the worst condition are in hospitalization, while the others are in a stabilization period to allow them to adapt to their new environment. http://www.limbewildlife.org






Stop buying Parrots for pets


You kill hundreds of parrots and damage nature’s biodiversity by buying one parrot…Illegal parrot trade still exists and it is stronger than ever due people wanting It’s egoic parrot as a pet.Breeders have also demand for these birds don’t forget.

Parrots are fliers and can travel kilometers per day.They are not climbers as being claimed by b redder and pet shops who want to make money by selling them and their tiny cages.

By buying a parrot you deprive them of their freedom, the right light, temperature and humidity condition and the right to chose their own partner.


How would you like it if doneobe jusy put you together with a husband or wife that youbdon’t know and might even has the wrong genes to produce healthy kids with you?

Its egoic and unconscious (=mentally asleep) to do such a thing to another living being.So do not buy a parrot for yourself, your kid/s a other family member  or a friend.They are endangered now and the effects of having not enough of them around in nature any longer will be felt soon as they have a purpose in nature and therfore belong in nature and not in a tiny cage….