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Sick members of human society

The top shot of disorder is the time and energy waste which has been done by this group of men to use dead birds to write the words PETA…

And for what? To proof what? That they are men?

The inside of a person reflects their outside and a persons action is proof of their thinking….In what sad state must the minds of these men be…

 If t

hey would spend the same time and energy on creating a very nice income, to have a wonderful relationship and to be healthy- they could be successful in life you know.



Is Malta’s Prime minister a liar? 5 protected birds shot so far

Makes 5 (!) birds which are known off who were illegally shot.If Prime minister Muscat is true to his word, he should shut down the season immediately -unless hes nothing more than a hot air talker.

These hunters are seriously bollocking everybody else!

Via committe against Bird Slaughter


Malta: This morning one of our teams witnessed how a hunter tried to shoot down a protected Kestrel close to the runway of the Malta International Airport in Safi. The hunter fired two shots at the falcon within less than 100 metres from the airport area. Despite an intensive police search the hunter could not be found. In a separate incident this afternoon at 1:45pm another CABS team filmed a hunter firing 4 shots in the Mizieb woodland during the afternoon curfew. The video footage which clearly shows the hunter´s face was passed on to the police who are investigating the case. The same group also found a freshly deceased Cuckoo with typical shotgun injuries hidden in a bush in the same area. The bird was passed on to the ALE. The bird was the third shot Cuckoo found in the vicinity Mizieb since the start of the spring hunting season.


Malta Closes Hunting Season

Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)

MALTA CLOSES HUNTING SEASON: The maltese government has closed the autumn hunting season with immediate effect after ‘criminal persons’ had ‘in a continuous manner’ over the past few days shot at protected birds. Hunting may start again on 11. october – what a great success!