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Bird Slaughter in Cyprus

Chris Packham joined the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) http://m.komitee.de/node/31

and their bird protection operation  on #Cyprus last autumn and made a report about his visit.

You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oFOkqTtXFw

And to quote him: Please watch – share – act: http://www.komitee.de/en/donations

Millions of songbirds are being illegally slaughtered on Cyprus . Please watch , share and act – http://tinyurl.com/kxtmg2m  #stoptheslaughter

I have added a few short clips of situations Chris Packham experienced while he was with the CABS team.Please watch.

Short Video:

Cyprus: Massacre on Migration – watch full film http://tinyurl.com/k44ry2l  Then please take action http://tinyurl.com/kxtmg2m  #stoptheslaughter

Short Video:

An estimated 15,000 birds killed daily in autumn on British soil in Cyprus . Full film http://tinyurl.com/k44ry2l  Act now http://tinyurl.com/kxtmg2m  #stoptheslaughter

Short video:

Trapped , unable to move to escape the trappers . Full film http://tinyurl.com/k44ry2l Act now http://tinyurl.com/kxtmg2m #stoptheslaughter  Please share


Domesticated Cats are Lethal Hunters

Countries like Hawaii, New Zealand,Australia and the Untited States are aware that cats pose a big threat to wildlife while others , like the United Kingdom, are just ‘waking up’.

Humans have expanded their own species from 370 Million people in 1350 to 7.2 Billion in 2012.With more people came/come more pets.Many of them are cats which unfortunatley are being allowed to roam free because their keepers think that it is natural that they must roam free- while in reality cats are a non native animal species who has been domesticated as a human companion for a estimated twelve thousand years and is therefore as far away being a natural animal as a chihuahua from a wolf.

Domestic cats are lethal hunters, killing at least 275 million other animals a year in Britain, a report showed …


Image via Dailymail UK





Belgium as one of the few cocountries has started to contain cats.With the help of keep keepers who  understood the neccessity to contain cats in order to protect wiwildlife cats are now being kept indoors, roam in self constructed or bought catio’s or walked on a leash.There are plenty of useful tips how to train even a older cat to walk on a leash and/or how to build a catio.Keeping a cat contained is not only healthy for the wildlife but also heathier for the cat and the cat keepers.Dangerous to the cat or the keeper illnesses can’t be picked up by a cat and passed on, but the cat lives also longer ( http://www.vet.cornell.edu/FHC/health_resources/Zoonotic.cfm ) . And a cat will be happy indoors or in a catio if the correct stimulation is given (there are also plenty of options to look into on the Internet).

It is time that cat keepers take responsibility towards their pet. ‘Any’pet, no matter how small or big or what species comes with great responsibility to be looked after and towards the environment. Other living beings ‘must be’ safe from them.We humans are not alone on this planet.We are only here for a short while and should do our best not to harm other creatures.Therefore our domesticated animal companions must be contained.

Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) donations

CABS (short for Committee Against Bird Slaughter) is doing a marvelous job to protect and to save migratory birds.The group is non profitable and all members  are free volunteers who often risk their lives when having close encounters with bird hunters and bird poachers who hunt and poach illegally. There are a few posts on this blog that explains their work.Or go to their website C

ommittee Against Bird Slaughter


Any donations are more than welcome for them.

Your donation makes all the difference! Thanks only to your support, were we able to conduct our bird protection camps across the Mediterranean in 2014. Your support helps to ensure that next year will build on recent successes and bring us ever closer to a Europe where illegal slaughter of wild birds becomes a thing of the past. Donations can be via payPal, credit card or bank transfer.



End of the last protection camp

Well done to the CABS for doing such a dangerous work.

As they are volunteers feel free to give them a donation: http://m.komitee.de/node/89

With the end of our last bird protection camp in Malta also concludes our field operations against bird poaching this autumn. Since 30/07/2014, more than 150 volunteers from all corners of Europe have assisted the authorities by participating in our bird protection camps in France, Spain, Italy, Malta and Cyprus. Overall, 13,175 limesticks, 2,010 horsehair snares, 736 bow traps, 399 snap traps, 166 other animal traps and 247 nets were found and removed. 119 poachers were arrested thanks to intelligence gained from our field investigations.

Italy bans bird trapping

Beautiful news about bird trapping in Italy from the  Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)

Italy bans bird trapping! A huge milestone for the protection of migratory birds in Europe! Under pressure from the EU, Rome has finally closed the last 92 trapping installations in Italy. Meaning 27,000 metres of nets will be withdrawn from use. For 39 years we have been fighting on the ground and pushed back the trapping tradition little by little to this point. The exciting details of this huge success can be found here: