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Song Bird Massacre 

​As the last of the summer fledglings make their way out into the big wide world and the autumn migration gets under way, it’s important to raise awareness of the staggering scale of the songbird massacre occurring in Southern Europe and Northern Africa. 

Last year a detailed scientific review titled ‘The Killing’ was published by BirdLife International. As we do each year, Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) will be hosting bird protection camps across Italy, Malta, France and Cyprus to disrupt and prevent the illegal killing. 

An article on the study published in the Express can be found here:  



Spring migrant protection

With spring migrations well under way, Saturday saw the start of CABS  (commitee against bird slaughter) spring bird protection camps across the Mediterranean. Their fieldwork starts on the southern Italian islands of the Gulf of Naples, continuing in mid March with operations across Brescia, Northern Italy as well as Malta. In April they will also be active on Cyprus and in Calabria. In total around 80 participants from Italy, Germany, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Netherlands and France are expected…


Illegal Bird of Prey Persecution

Illegal bird of prey persecution:

10/02/2015-CABS staff (h


freed a Buzzard from an illegal trap in Steinfurt (NWR District) of Germany. The weakened raptor was taken to an emergency veterinary hospital and will spend time recuperating in a local Bird of Prey rehabilitation centre. Although under European law Cage or Box traps are permitted for trapping of some mammal species, they must be inconspicuous to none target species and inspected at regular intervals to prevent unnecessary suffering. Given the trap was baited with a live dove it can be reliably inferred that the trap was set specifically to target protected Birds of Prey. Police investigations are ongoing.


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Illegal bird Poachers sentenced in Malta

Five poachers sentenced in Malta February 18th 2015.Three of whom were prosecuted thanks to our field investigations. CABS (http://m.komitee.de/node/31) l

ed police to two illegal bird traders who were each given a €600 fine after being caught red handed with freshly caught Greenfinches. Another poacher from Buskett was fined €1500 and had his trapping licence revoked for a year after CABS observed him targeting protected pipits and finches (see photo).

Furthermore, harder punishments were handed out to two hunters who had shot two oystercatchers whilst out at sea. Each was given a €1500 fine, their boat confiscated and hunting licences revoked for LIFE.


Please donate to the CABS team as they are doing dangerous, but great work.



Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) donations

CABS (short for Committee Against Bird Slaughter) is doing a marvelous job to protect and to save migratory birds.The group is non profitable and all members  are free volunteers who often risk their lives when having close encounters with bird hunters and bird poachers who hunt and poach illegally. There are a few posts on this blog that explains their work.Or go to their website C

ommittee Against Bird Slaughter


Any donations are more than welcome for them.

Your donation makes all the difference! Thanks only to your support, were we able to conduct our bird protection camps across the Mediterranean in 2014. Your support helps to ensure that next year will build on recent successes and bring us ever closer to a Europe where illegal slaughter of wild birds becomes a thing of the past. Donations can be via payPal, credit card or bank transfer.



Italy bans bird trapping

Beautiful news about bird trapping in Italy from the  Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)

Italy bans bird trapping! A huge milestone for the protection of migratory birds in Europe! Under pressure from the EU, Rome has finally closed the last 92 trapping installations in Italy. Meaning 27,000 metres of nets will be withdrawn from use. For 39 years we have been fighting on the ground and pushed back the trapping tradition little by little to this point. The exciting details of this huge success can be found here:



Malta- great news :)

Here are some news from the CABS in Malta.I am very grateful that this group exists and that these  beautiful people doing such a great job over there :)…And of course a big thank you to the Police in Malta, the government and the clean hunters :)….However Malta still continues to cause problems by illegal bird poaching and bird hunting.

Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)

Malta: Hunting ban works – birds are safe. In the week after the government announced the closing of the hunting season thousands of migratory birds have roosted on the island – and survived! CABS are still monitoring the countryside and the poachers – who cannot “hide” between law abiding hunters anymore – decided to stay at home. In the last days the teams observed several hundreds of Honey Buzzards, Marsh Harriers and Kestrels as well as Ospreys, Short-toed eagles, Lesser Spotted Eagles, Black Kites, European Bittern and loads of different heron species leaving the island unscathed. The picture shows raptors flying in front of the Valletta skyline