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Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Enclosures needed.

URGENTLY NEEDED! Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Enclosures. 

Sometimes, our persecuted Wildlife gets lucky. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens occasionally, when passionate people decide to pour their heart and soul into #EthicalConservation. 

In Johannesburg, South Africa, our Wildlife just got lucky.


The team at the Jhb Wildlife Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to treating and rehabilitating small to medium-sized urban wildlife.
A few weeks ago, Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation did a surprise #SupplyDrop for them, stocking them up on veterinary medicines and consumables numbering hundreds of items, to the value of over R20 000. This was a great start, but we have to do more! All the animals here are treated at no charge, and the aim is always successful re-wilding and release. We have to put the animals first, be their voice, and give them the best chance at survival.
*Anything worth doing, is worth doing well*

A substantial number of the patients are raptors, and they need specialist care. In the pictures you can see a selection of the beautiful birds of prey who have been treated here. 
***Urgently Needed right now is 3 x Rehabilitation Enclosures for these winged wonders. Having the proper enclosures aid rehabilitation and improves the survival rate of rescues.

The enclosures are made out of a steel framework with gate, diamond-mesh covered and completely enclosed in shade-netting to minimize trauma and external stimuli. They are 5m in length, and 2.4m wide, so that a pre-flight test can easily be accommodated 😉.
We have sourced the manufacturers, and just need that magical ingredient – your support – to make these life-saving enclosures a reality.
The cost is R25 000 (1,800 USD) for all three enclosures. The injured Birds of Prey really need this. Every single cent will help towards being the wind beneath their wings, and will help set them up for that sweet flight of freedom. 

As always we will keep you updated on progress, from the building to the delivery and installation of these critically needed rooms. 

Please help by donating here to Support #RaptorRehab at: goo.gl/eqQSlR and help us build this for them! You can also donate directly at: paypal.me/wildheartwildlife 
We cannot do it without you.