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Malta Bird Protection Camp News


Via CABS Malta: Our spring bird protection camp across Malta and Gozo has come to an end. Over the past two weeks, 28 participants from several European countries have come together to safeguard major roost sites and monitor the migration over the Maltese archipelago. Following the spring hunting referendum, which was tipped in favour, stricter enforcement has ensued and we have worked closely with the authorities and Maltese NGOs to record any illegalities taking place. The accumulation of offences resulted the season being closed 3 days early. Other than a handful of shots in the past few days, the birds have been able to pass to their breeding grounds mostly undisturbed.


Is Malta’s Prime minister a liar? 5 protected birds shot so far

Makes 5 (!) birds which are known off who were illegally shot.If Prime minister Muscat is true to his word, he should shut down the season immediately -unless hes nothing more than a hot air talker.

These hunters are seriously bollocking everybody else!

Via committe against Bird Slaughter


Malta: This morning one of our teams witnessed how a hunter tried to shoot down a protected Kestrel close to the runway of the Malta International Airport in Safi. The hunter fired two shots at the falcon within less than 100 metres from the airport area. Despite an intensive police search the hunter could not be found. In a separate incident this afternoon at 1:45pm another CABS team filmed a hunter firing 4 shots in the Mizieb woodland during the afternoon curfew. The video footage which clearly shows the hunter´s face was passed on to the police who are investigating the case. The same group also found a freshly deceased Cuckoo with typical shotgun injuries hidden in a bush in the same area. The bird was passed on to the ALE. The bird was the third shot Cuckoo found in the vicinity Mizieb since the start of the spring hunting season.


Spring Hunting referendum results

If you have a few days off in between the 17 of April and the 3 of May where you like to do something very useful for nature please contact the CABS team.

Read more below:

Referendum lost. But Maltese PM says that this years spring hunting season will be “last chance” for hunters if killing of protected birds continues. Cabs will be on Malta to keep an eye on the birds and their roosts as well as to report illegalities to the police. From 17 April to 3 May 24 international volunteers will monitor the situation in the field with video cameras, spotting scopes and night vision equipment. Local birdwatchers and environmentalists are invited to help and reinforce our teams. If you can afford a couple of days to help the birds please contact us: Cabs-malta@komitee.de.


Here are Malta’s rules for Spring Hunting:

•Limit set at 11,000 turtle doves and 5,000 quail

•Spring quota is worked out based on number of hunting kills made in the autumn season

•Spring hunters are not allowed to kill more than two birds a day – turtle dove and quail – and are limited to four birds per hunter in the whole season

•Licensed hunters must apply for a special spring hunting licence

•10,000 hunters are legally required to declare every time they go hunting or when they make a kill, before leaving the hunting area

•Hunting fines are €5,000 for first offence, a yea8r in prison and licence revoked.

•Secondary offences are €10,000 and two years in jail


Music against Spring Hunting in Malta

Music against spring hunting: Two weeks before the upcoming referendum about the future of spring hunting on Malta local artists have produced a wonderful cover of ‘Shout’ by Tears for Fears to support the ‘No’ to spring hunting referendum campaign (SHout). Vocals were performed by Gianni, Nick Morales and Alison Galea of Beangrowers. Multi-percussionist Renzo Spiteri and Benji Cachia of nosnow/noalps provide drums and percussion.Here is the link to the video. Hit it!



Spring migrant protection

With spring migrations well under way, Saturday saw the start of CABS  (commitee against bird slaughter) spring bird protection camps across the Mediterranean. Their fieldwork starts on the southern Italian islands of the Gulf of Naples, continuing in mid March with operations across Brescia, Northern Italy as well as Malta. In April they will also be active on Cyprus and in Calabria. In total around 80 participants from Italy, Germany, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Netherlands and France are expected…


End of the last protection camp

Well done to the CABS for doing such a dangerous work.

As they are volunteers feel free to give them a donation: http://m.komitee.de/node/89

With the end of our last bird protection camp in Malta also concludes our field operations against bird poaching this autumn. Since 30/07/2014, more than 150 volunteers from all corners of Europe have assisted the authorities by participating in our bird protection camps in France, Spain, Italy, Malta and Cyprus. Overall, 13,175 limesticks, 2,010 horsehair snares, 736 bow traps, 399 snap traps, 166 other animal traps and 247 nets were found and removed. 119 poachers were arrested thanks to intelligence gained from our field investigations.

Malta continues with bird trapping!

…Just when I had given the Maltesers a compliment,they start again….

Will they never learn that we need all the birds to control insects and rodents and that with less and less birds (as not only Malta kills them.for fun) the pesticides must increase as less and less natural predators are there?

So people of the rest of the world thank Malta and all other countries for their unneccessary hunting and poaching if we need more pesticides which makes us humans also ‘very’ sick. ..

From the CABS:

Malta will face legal action over bird trapping: 3 days before the opening of a new trapping season for finches and plovers on Malta the European Commission has issued a formal warning. The Times of Malta reports, includes CABS and government reaction.