​Over 800,000 birds illegally killed on British military base in Cyprus last autumn

How could that happen? And why do people continue to let it happen? After all these barbarians live in communities, have friends and family…



Don’t offer Dryer Lint to Birds

Offering nesting material in spring is a sure way to attract birds to take up residence in your backyard, but not all possible materials are safe and suitable for birds. The idea of saving dryer lint to give to nesting birds is pervasive but can actually endanger both adult birds and nestlings.

Creating Birdfriendly Gardens

Learn more about creating a bird-friendly world at the Wildscaping for Songbirds presentation at the spring open house, For the Birds, on Saturday, March 18th.  

Through Wildscaping for Songbirds, the Native Songbird Care &Conservation team  will demonstrate the importance of restoring the communities , one garden at a time.  From a birds-eye view, learn how to create wildlife-friendly native plant gardens that help combat the loss of open spaces and create green corridors that link your wildscape to larger natural areas by providing habitat for wildlife.  
Event details can be found on the News page:  http://nativesongbirdcare.org/News.html

Help to save Australia’s Green Parrot

Can you help save one of Australia’s rarest birds? 
BirdLife Australia’s Operation Green Parrot campaign is looking great, but over $37,000 is still needed to get these beautiful parrots to their new, safe home. 
Every donation counts, especially the small ones! If everyone donated the price of a coffee or beer towards the Norfolk Island Green Parrot, they  would smash our target. So how about shouting the Green Parrot a drink this weekend and helping in the fight against extinction!

Vanishing Birds due Mobile Phones

This is a older post from 2007 but nothing has been done since.Further below you find a video clip from Dr Barrie Trower on the dangers of microwaves,f4om 2010.Same problem-not much has been done since..Are we really that stupid as a species to prefer to kill of the ecosystem and to extinct our own species on the end for the sake of mobile phone comfort? You as the reader decides….


Birds near mobile phone base stations do not breed well Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

In addition to watch a clip by microwave expert Dr Barrie Trower.

According to studies which have been done with microwaves during the cold war tbey cause infertility after the 3rd generation.So a long term study on the natural world is urgently required…

Cat Containment on Increase in Cranberra

Good news for birds and other wildlife in Cranberra’s suburbs.Let’s hope tge rest of Australia and other countries will follow 🙂

Cats captured from Canberra’s cat containment suburbs on the increase


Science-Mystery of Great Gray Owl

After 100 Years, Scientists Are Finally Starting to Understand the Mysterious Great Gray Owl
The elusive owls live in California’s Sierra Nevada and have fascinated researchers for a century, but studying them has never been easy.