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Bird Slaughter in Cyprus

Chris Packham joined the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)

and their bird protection operation  on #Cyprus last autumn and made a report about his visit.

You can watch it here:

And to quote him: Please watch – share – act:

Millions of songbirds are being illegally slaughtered on Cyprus . Please watch , share and act –  #stoptheslaughter

I have added a few short clips of situations Chris Packham experienced while he was with the CABS team.Please watch.

Short Video:

Cyprus: Massacre on Migration – watch full film  Then please take action  #stoptheslaughter

Short Video:

An estimated 15,000 birds killed daily in autumn on British soil in Cyprus . Full film  Act now  #stoptheslaughter

Short video:

Trapped , unable to move to escape the trappers . Full film Act now #stoptheslaughter  Please share


Thanks to pet bird keepers the Yellow Crested Cockatoo is now critically endangered. ..

Says it all doesn’t it?!

As long as pet bird keepers who keep ir want these birds in a cage or aviary in their house to satisfy their selfish ego as long as these birds will run towards extinction.

To keep these birds (unless they are from a rescue center) is unconscious and stupid.To keep them or to want one is living in denial to realize that it is cruel towards the animal but also a crime against nature….

“The yellow-crested cockatoo is now critically endangered. It doesn’t have much time left.

But why are these protected cockatoos coveted?

Apparently these friendly birds make good pets; they are able to imitate human speech and can be trained to learn certain behaviours.”

Read more:


Illegal Bird keeping and selling in India

An Indian bird seller sells his wares on a sidewalk in the weekly bird market in the eastern Indian city of Calcutta. The weekly bird market is very popular in Calcutta. People keep the birds as pets, despite the fact that caging and selling of rare birds is banned in India.

Photo: Sucheta Das.




Why Birds should never be caged

For many people the bird is a symbol of a higher freedom we long for. We dream of being like a bird, to ‘soar like an eagle’, ‘be free as a bird’ and have ‘wings like a dove’. We have a wishful envy of the bird’s ability to seemingly fly away from everyday troubles.


Poached African Grey Parrots confiscated

The majority of humans are indeed like a deadly virus to earth and her creatures….(Selfish) breeders and keepers are responsible for the demand.Without them, there would be no trade and suffering! 


NEW ARRIVALS: We’ve just received a large confiscation of African Grey Parrots from an illegal trader in Douala. The parrots are in extremely poor condition, with many being critically ill (and one dead upon arrival), and are currently receiving emergency care from our veterinary team.



90% of the illegally caught birds die before

they come into the pet shop or reach the breeder.

So please do not consider to get a pet bird unless it is from a bird sanctuary or a man made breed like many types of canaries for example…And even then, they need space to fly and other species of their family around them.To stick them as a single in a cage is like a life  long prison sentence in isolation for humans , in compare.

Sunday 22/02/2015

We are continuing to give emergency care to the 67 African Greys that arrived Friday afternoon. They are in the worst shape of any parrots we have received, many with wounds and all extremely thin. Even with immediate care, due to their poor condition, five parrots died shortly after their arrival. Those in the worst condition are in hospitalization, while the others are in a stabilization period to allow them to adapt to their new environment.





‘And now I need to use my bone grinder…’

And now I need to use my bone grinder…

“What happened?


In 1350, the human population was near 370 Million (!!! )

It exceeded 7 BILLION in 2012…(!!! ).The estimation is 9.6 BILLION by 2050 (!!!).

They ignored that with more people came also more (unnecessary) food demands, like sea food.

•And bird population decreased as humans over fished and less food was left for the sea birds. ..

They ignored that everything on earth must be respected and honored and polluted the waters with their waste and toxins. ..

•And bird populations decreases as they died of their waste or reduced their offspring as there was not enough food left as it had died from pollution toxins…

They ignored that with more food demand came a higher demand on farming -leading farmers to farm the easy way and to use pesticides …

•And bird populations decreased by dying from the toxins as they ate the poisoned insects, mammals and intoxicated fruit, berries and plants…

They ignored that with more people came more pet cats which are non native predatory animals in nearly every country around the world leading to a increase of wild bird killing…

•And bird population decreased because the spoiled and over bred pet was let outside by ignorant cat keepers and killed the adult birds of shorebirds and ground breeding birds (in particular ) and chicks…Plus they took not fast enough action to remove the cats who had no owner (so called feral. ).

They ignored that other non native animal species that they have brought to their countries can destroy biodoversity and kill native species. .

• And the bird population decreased and even extincted many bird species, because the introduced non native animals, killed many of their native species…

They ignored that most exotic birds that they wanted to keep as pets in a small cage needed to be caught in the wild or taken from their nests and smuggled into other countries. And 90%of the caught birds die/d before their final destination…

•And bird populations decreased as far too many needed to be caught to ensure that a few will get to their destination alive. Many bird species got disturbed when their eggs or chicks were taken and stopped breeding. Some couldn’t recover their own numbers as they only laid a very few eggs but always more were taken. And often the parent birds killed during the raid…

They ignored that with more people came a higher demand on high quality wood for their fancy products such as furniture, floors and ornaments (to name a few) leading to deforestation. And they also ignored that the more needed farming, space for living and entertainment also helped to speed up deforestation and the loss of wetlands and open planes…

•And bird population decreased as the birds lost the habitats that they had been using for breeding for thousand of years…Plus with trees their shelters and food sources diminshed…

They ignored that windfarms and solar pannel farms increased bird death’ and that individual and correct solar panels and generators would ‘not’ kill the birds…

•And the bird population decreased as they got slaughtered by the blades or tunnels and burnt to death by the solar farms and cheap pannels and/or wrong generators…

They ignored that fireworks cause stress and night fright on birds and other wildlife due the loud noise and flashing lights and sometimes cause fire…

•And the bird population decreased as thousands per year died for the sake of fun and commercial income…

They ignored that with more people came more bird hunters who were hunting endangered species, rodent regulating raptor birds and song birds…

•And the bird population decreased as more birds were being slaughtered unnecessarily…

They ignored that with more people came more poachers who trapped birds for unnecessary food and more people who ate more birds unnecessary- in particular song birds as a tradition or gourmet meal…

•And the birds decreased in population as they were caught and eaten without the need to eat them. Other to satisfy the tongue…

All the information was there and many took passionate tasks to warn everybody, but they were ignored by the unconscious mass…Each factor added to the extinction of birds but each of the unconscious individual human being ignored it…

And with birds declining in large numbers, there were no birds left to pollinate and distribute seeds for trees,bushes and other plants…

And no birds to regulate the rodent and insect population- so pesticides was all that was left….

But some insects became resitant as there were many in species…

But the single species human being had killed themselves by killing the birds, increasing the pesticides and by eating the only food that was left which was GMO as that kills the insects but makes the human sick and infertile or kills them….

And now I need to use my bone grinder. ..”

Do not let this happen. ACT NOW!

Every individual has responsibilities to protect nature in any way they can no matter how small or big the action is.

PS This is only a summarization of the major threats.

Let’s trust in a more postive future with more people on this planet realising and becoming aware ‘AND’ taking action that we are killing off all the creatures who this planet truly belongs too as they have each a important function in the cycle of nature which creates our food, oxygen and drinking water.

Earth with ‘all’ it’s creatures on it, is essential for the existence of humans and the only place humans can live.