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Don’t offer Dryer Lint to Birds

Offering nesting material in spring is a sure way to attract birds to take up residence in your backyard, but not all possible materials are safe and suitable for birds. The idea of saving dryer lint to give to nesting birds is pervasive but can actually endanger both adult birds and nestlings.


Birds are being killed by us throwing plastic into the oceans or leaving plastic behind on beaches

​An Annual Rescue Mission to Free Northern Gannets Tangled in Plastic Trash..

Bird Emergency- Please Help

Help support the emergency measures to protect waterbirds caught up in snow storms & extreme low temperatures in South-eastern Europe – please donate to the Waterbird Fund.

For the past five decades, thousands of birdwatchers from around the globe have volunteered annually to help with the International Waterbird Census, making it one of the largest citizen science programmes in the world! Many of our national BirdLife partners work closely with Wetlands International and AEWAto help coordinate regional field teams with local counts and with implementing special species or regionally focussed waterbird monitoring programmes.
Unfortunately, this year, our friends in the Balkans are sending us very disturbing pictures and first-hand accounts of large numbers of waterbirds – such as the endangered Red-breasted Goose – suffering greatly from exposure to the extreme low temperatures and snow storms affecting South-eastern Europe. BirdLife has joined calls for national authorities and hunting associations to take emergency measures and have welcomed the temporary suspension of hunting in Bulgaria and Greece during this perilous time. This emergency situation requires intensive monitoring, but the resources of the regional waterbird count field teams in the Balkans and around the Aegean Sea – already so reliant on volunteers – have been stretched to their limits.

Mallard in Serbia ©  Aleksandar Jankovic

How to feed Birds,People and other Wildlife in Harmony

​Very interesting and encouraging read 🙂

In Buffalo, New York, gardeners are growing crops and native plants to bring food and wildlife to communities in need.

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Bird Friendly Alameda Canopy Design Proposal

​The proposed design for the new ferry terminal in Alameda, Calif., looks like a win for passengers and birds. A clear, 48-foot panel will shield people on the pier from wind and rain—and use bird-safe glass that follows ABC ( Anerican Bird Conservancy


This one helps to wake people up and to.become conscious-hence I do it.

Opens my head chakra with ease.guidelines. As an extra precaution, wire mesh will be used to screen the glass to protect birds like endangered California Least Tern, which nests nearby, the East Bay Times reports.

Alameda: Canopy design proposed for ferry terminal

We can’t live without birds

Beautifully said…

We can’t live without birds. Beyond being fascinating and beautiful, they play a crucial role in keeping the world habitable for all life, including people. They disperse seeds, pollinate plants, control insects, provide food and are indicators of the overall health of ecosystems. They also create recreational and economic opportunities, through the immense popularity of birdwatching.”

Let’s Hatch a Plan to Save the World’s Birds Before it’s Too Late!!!