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Why not to trim trees between March and September

It’s spring and songbirds are busy raising their families. ¬†Please help keep these wild families together by observing songbird-safe tree-trimming practices. ¬†Download and share our handy guide to help you and your neighbors determine when it is safe to trim trees and bushes.



Thank you for helping keep songbirds safe!


Birds have fundamental rights- can’t be caged

Birds Have Fundamental Rights, Can’t Be Kept in Cages, Says Court

Great and intelligent court decision.The court staff understands nature :).We need more of this kind and a future without caged birds who usually live in the wild, one day (once the rescue centers are empty. )

ERBIL, IRAQ - DECEMBER 08:  A bird belonging to An Iraqi Christian, who fled from his home because of Islamic State's advance earlier this year, looks from its cage in the entrance hall of the unfinished Ankawa Shopping Mall which is now home to hundreds of displaced people on December 8, 2014 in Erbil, Iraq. Although the autonomous Kurdistan region in northern Iraq was already a refuge for an estimated 250,000 Syrian refugees, since the Islamic State began its onslaught on Iraq in June, Kurdistan has also taken in a more than one and a half million displaced people. Many have been placed in purpose-built refugee camps but the huge numbers mean thousands of others are forced to live in un-finished buildings or inadequate, makeshift shelters and as winter in the region closes in, there are growing concerns for the welfare of the refugees who, while their homes are still in ISIL controlled territory, have no realistic prospect of returning to them.  (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)