International Bird Rescue

​Every week international Bird Rescue gets injured or sick birds delivered to them by the concerned public. This week someone went above and beyond to deliver a sick Scoter to their San Francisco Bay Center….Doing that the person lived truly up to the words ‘every life matters’.

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Bird Emergency- Please Help

Help support the emergency measures to protect waterbirds caught up in snow storms & extreme low temperatures in South-eastern Europe – please donate to the Waterbird Fund.

For the past five decades, thousands of birdwatchers from around the globe have volunteered annually to help with the International Waterbird Census, making it one of the largest citizen science programmes in the world! Many of our national BirdLife partners work closely with Wetlands International and AEWAto help coordinate regional field teams with local counts and with implementing special species or regionally focussed waterbird monitoring programmes.
Unfortunately, this year, our friends in the Balkans are sending us very disturbing pictures and first-hand accounts of large numbers of waterbirds – such as the endangered Red-breasted Goose – suffering greatly from exposure to the extreme low temperatures and snow storms affecting South-eastern Europe. BirdLife has joined calls for national authorities and hunting associations to take emergency measures and have welcomed the temporary suspension of hunting in Bulgaria and Greece during this perilous time. This emergency situation requires intensive monitoring, but the resources of the regional waterbird count field teams in the Balkans and around the Aegean Sea – already so reliant on volunteers – have been stretched to their limits.

Mallard in Serbia ©  Aleksandar Jankovic

45 Great Green Macaws released back into the Wild

​Wonderful project 
Very successful conservation organization Ara Project which is focused on breeding and releasing of Great-green Macaws (Ara ambiguus) has increased the wild population on 350 individuals. Since 2011, when the Ara Project started with conservation activities, they have released 45 birds from which 35 survived. Administrator of the rescue station, Duaro Mayorga, said this to daily El Diario.  The station is found in natural reserve Manzanillo, region Limón in south of Costa Rica.

„50 years ago the Great-green Macaw became extinct. Now we try to put it back,“ said Mayorga.