Keep Cats Indoors movement

It’s so simple and easy to help nature and the birds.Just keep your cat indoors, in a catio or walk it on a leash.Cats have been domesticated for a estimated 12 000  years to be human ccompanion’s and as far away from their natural ancestor as a chihuahua from a wolf.Plus they are one the invasive species list and were once only natural to what it seems, Greece..A cat is a non native pet and does not belong free roaming in any natural environment.

This young robin, survivor of a cat attack, survived thanks to the care given by Maureen Eiger, a licensed wild bird rehabber in ‪VA‬. This bird was lucky, but many are not. Support our Causes Campaign to spread the word that keeping cats indoors is critical to safeguarding all ‪birds‬, and it’s healthier for ‪‎cats ‬too.


and be part of the movement to‪ keepcatsindoors‬!



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