How to feed Birds,People and other Wildlife in Harmony

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In Buffalo, New York, gardeners are growing crops and native plants to bring food and wildlife to communities in need.

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New Study reveals extensive damage cats cause on wildlife

​Nature lovers and observers know that the non native pet cat causes great damage to wildlife as they still kill even when well fed.

Let’s trust that this article will help to get another step closer to cat containment bans-once the stone aged minds of cat keepers can understand..

Keep Cats Indoors movement

It’s so simple and easy to help nature and the birds.Just keep your cat indoors, in a catio or walk it on a leash.Cats have been domesticated for a estimated 12 000  years to be human ccompanion’s and as far away from their natural ancestor as a chihuahua from a wolf.Plus they are one the invasive species list and were once only natural to what it seems, Greece..A cat is a non native pet and does not belong free roaming in any natural environment.

This young robin, survivor of a cat attack, survived thanks to the care given by Maureen Eiger, a licensed wild bird rehabber in ‪VA‬. This bird was lucky, but many are not. Support our Causes Campaign to spread the word that keeping cats indoors is critical to safeguarding all ‪birds‬, and it’s healthier for ‪‎cats ‬too.


and be part of the movement to‪ keepcatsindoors‬!


Bird Friendly Alameda Canopy Design Proposal

​The proposed design for the new ferry terminal in Alameda, Calif., looks like a win for passengers and birds. A clear, 48-foot panel will shield people on the pier from wind and rain—and use bird-safe glass that follows ABC ( Anerican Bird Conservancy


This one helps to wake people up and to.become conscious-hence I do it.

Opens my head chakra with ease.guidelines. As an extra precaution, wire mesh will be used to screen the glass to protect birds like endangered California Least Tern, which nests nearby, the East Bay Times reports.

Alameda: Canopy design proposed for ferry terminal