Via contain cats NZ: https://m.facebook.com/containcatsnz?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fcontaincatsnz

Prior to human arrival our unique endemic fauna had no evolutionary experience in co-existing with mammalian predators and has suffered extinctions and general population declines as a result. Free roaming cats are a primary threat to most native species in urban areas. ‘Containing cats’ is protective of NZer’s favourite pet while giving native birds such as these Kakakriki the opportunity to re-inhabit gardens and increase the diversity of life that surrounds us.

Via Kereru discovery: http://kererudiscovery.org.nz/

We are so lucky to live in the heart of a large city were we are surrounded by native birds that visit us every day. When you can sit on your lawn (that needs mowing ) for 30 minutes, with two Kakariki feeding on the ground and chattering to each other only 6 feet away from you – it becomes very clear to us why we would never own a cat again!






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