Contain cats and wildlife will florish

Via contain cats NZ

The Kea seen here are endemic to NZ and nationally endangered. Like so many of our native birds their population size is relatively small (in the thousands) and they face a wide range of threats to their long term survival. Meanwhile the nationwide domestic cat population may be as high as 1.5 million animals and growing. Given the significant contribution of predatory cats to NZ’s bird extinction record and the continued threats they place upon many ground nesting birds and lizard species it goes without saying that responsible pet ownership begins with containment. Safer for cats, safer for wildlife.

photo; ‘Trouble in Paradise’

“The owner of this property is bird friendly and has their cats contained 100%. The cats have access to an outdoors enclosure directly via the house so never step foot outdoors – great to see such responsible cat ownership!!” Tamsin Orr-Walker of Kea conservation Trust.

image courtesy of Kea conservation trust.


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