Recover of wildlife without cats

The removal of cats(domestic and feral) from natural environments enables endemic wildlife to recover and thrive.

“Te Hauturu-o-Toi/Little Barrier Island was New Zealand’s first nature reserve. A campaign to eradicate feral cats on the island was successfully concluded in June 1980. Kokako and tieke (saddleback) were liberated following cat eradication and have flourished. Seabirds previously exterminated by cats and kiore are returning”. (Department of Conservation)

Article; a trip to Great Barrier Island. Auckland’s Petrel problem.

“It’s been a bad year for cats getting these birds and often when they kill a mother rail, somebody finds the chicks and brings them to Karen.

Rails are well camouflaged and can hid from most predators, but cats seem able to sniff them out, she says.

“There’s a big feral cat problem on this island and what they do to black petrels is particularly nasty. I’ve found petrels killed by cats. The birds are too big for the cats to manage, so they pull their feathers out to incapacitate them, or bite their heads off.”

On Great Barrier Island, Karen favours household cats being sterilized and not replaced once they die of old age.”

Artist Karen Walker wants to cats eventually banned from Great Barrier. The NZ Herald 5:00 AM Friday Jan 30, 2015


Via Contain Cats NZ


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