In 1350 the world population was 370 Million people.In 2012 we had 7.2 Billion.The estimation for 2050 is 9.6 Billion.

With more people come more pet animals and some of them are cats.As cats have been domesticated (like dogs) for about 12000 years and are as far away from their original ancestor they are not natural any longer.Same as a chihuahua is a long way away from the wolf.Therefore cats are pet animals like every other pet and must be contained as the amount of cats worldwide which has increased with more humans does great damage towards native wildlife  (there are earlier articles about that in this blog) and disturb the Biodiversity beyound repair.New Zealand has 11 extinct bird species in which cats (feral and free roaming) play the major part because they are very skilled hunters.Hawaii has also problems with bird extinctions due cats amongst other countries-some for which studies haven’t been done or published yet.Any other pet animal must be contained by their pet keeper except cats -which are the most dangerous soecies towards wildlife. It make sense to contain them and to regulate their numbers by mandatory neutering and chipping for the non-breeders who have no breeding license.Belgium has started successfully to contain cats with the help of cat keepers and wildlife is recovering. Cats can be kept in catio’s indoors or even walked on a leash.And trained to do that.Plus a cat will live longer if not exposed to free roaming out door live and will less likely become sick.There is plenty of good information on the Internet how to keep a cat happy indoors, where to buy or how to build a catio and how to leash train a cat.It’s time to apply the rules that cats must be kept contained like and other pet.


Fluffy Bums’ brings home a live bird; not because the cat is hungry, but because it is a natural, highly evolved predator. In this case the victim was an introduced thrush which was released by the owner. The bird may have survived if its skin surface was not penetrated by the cats teeth and saliva did not come in contact with the abrasions.

Most cats hunt instinctively, almost without purpose. While they have a small impact on rat populations, they hunt, harass and kill indiscriminately; predating birds, lizards and insects which are frequently native species. ‘Containing cats’ is about controlling and restricting predatory behaviours to protect important and vulnerable species while creating safer environments for NZs favourite pet.

photo by Peter Langlands Wild Capture (NZ) 2014



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