Assume that we came out of the water like in this picture – we are using our waters as a dump place for our rubbish, killing sea birds and other sea animals and plants in this process….




That is not correct.

Water is life…We consist of up to 60-65% of water and need to drink water in order to survive. The average person can survive 3 days without water before they die as every single cell in the body needs it to keep functioning. I have heared kids saying that they don’t like to drink water- well, the main ingredient of any fizzy drink or juice ‘is’ water…. The water we get comes from two places – from the water in lakes or rivers (surface water), or from water that comes from wells (groundwater). Many people who live in large cities or towns get their drinking water from lakes or rivers.

Nearly every creature on earth depends on water.. Therefore it should be holy to us.If I go into further detail it seems that water has a consciousness as it responds to the words and thoughts that we use (Dr Masaru Emotions and his watercrystalls: )



We as humans need water to grow our plants and farm animals that we eat but we also eat sea animals…If we throw our rubbish into the oceans it will come back to us via the sea animals that we eat – nice isn’t it?




So why the devil are we polluting our life essential water?

  When I was young my parents taught me how to use a rubbish bin.They taught me how one looked like and to put what is not needed any longer in there.When we went out we carried our rubbish with us back home in a bag if needed or until we found a bin to put it in.Wherever we went and stayed we made sure not to leave any rubbish behind.It is not polite when visiting friends or relatives and to leave your rubbush there…This planet is ‘your’ only home, so why do you pollute it on purpose by leaving your rubbish in nature wherever you go ? 







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