Bird Slaughter in Malta Autumn 2015

I copied this article as is from the committee against bird slaughter. In Malta bird trapping is underway with a vengeance: >8,000 nets line the coastal terraces and fields ready to catch linnets, goldfinches, siskins, greenfinch, serins and hawfinch. The whole landscape is plastered with small cages in which poor captive finches lure their wild cousins into trappers nets with their desperate calls. The whole thing is completely legal – authorised by the Maltese government, the threat of sanctions from the EU have had no effect. There are also hunters who deploy illegal electronic decoys of song thrushes and shoot them down en masse. The CABS teams currently operating on the islands have their hands full with lobbying and scrutinising this bureaucracy … which requires steady nerves, because almost everything that is currently happening is allowed 




Gathering evidence. A though job to do as they can’t do nothing to save the birds 😦


Lure for others…Doubtfull that this one will survive..


Target practice.Pure target practice.Any native tribe would kill a member who kills for fun because they would consider them sick in the head.So why donwe accept this in our societies? Are we psychologically this far down?


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