Owl Bullet

Owl in flight.


Photographer unknown.If you know who took this beautiful photo- please contact me.





Save Europe’s Nature, It’s Your Nature

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Over 380,000 people in Europe have signed so far to save the Nature in Europe.

Whales, bears, eagles, butterflies… We have some amazing wildlife in Europe. However, 60% of animals and plants and 70% of their homes are at risk. In Europe, vital laws protect our most precious nature. Our wildlife and most valued natural places all depend on these rules.

Sadly, right now the European Commission is considering undermining these laws, undoing years of progress….

The European Commission is asking for our opinion and now is the time to make our voices heard.

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Thanks to pet bird keepers the Yellow Crested Cockatoo is now critically endangered. ..

Says it all doesn’t it?!

As long as pet bird keepers who keep ir want these birds in a cage or aviary in their house to satisfy their selfish ego as long as these birds will run towards extinction.

To keep these birds (unless they are from a rescue center) is unconscious and stupid.To keep them or to want one is living in denial to realize that it is cruel towards the animal but also a crime against nature….

“The yellow-crested cockatoo is now critically endangered. It doesn’t have much time left.

But why are these protected cockatoos coveted?

Apparently these friendly birds make good pets; they are able to imitate human speech and can be trained to learn certain behaviours.”

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Cat Owners are in Denial

It’s a well established fact that cats wreak havoc on wildlife. Some estimates put the number of birds and mammals killed by cats in the United States each year in the billions.

Of course, cat owners aren’t having it. Studies implicating outdoor cats in significant wildlife losses have been quickly criticized and disregarded by feline lovers. As new research points out, cat owners are — simply put — in denial…

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