Ambelopoulia Hunting to be introduced in Cyprus

That’s the most idiotic argument I have ever heard…To introduce ambelopoulia hunting in order to soften the negative image Cyprus has abroad?? Where do they think they have gotten the bad image from in the first place? It’s the unnecessary bird killing and poaching which must stop.

Boycott Cyprus as a holiday resort but continue to support groups who are working to stop these unnecessary bird slaughters is my answer to this…

Conservationists are in an uproar over the government’s perceived attempt to legalise the hunting of black caps (ambelopoulia), claiming that they were deceived by the interior ministry.

The cabinet announced on Thursday that it would be taking a strategic plan for the conservation of wild birds to the parliament that would include a clause that would allow for the ‘selective’ hunting of ambelopoulia, which is illegal. Poachers currently use nets and limesticks indiscriminately.

Cyprus has often been heavily criticised for its reluctance to deal with the phenomenon. One of the goal’s of the government’s proposal is to “deal with the negative image Cyprus has abroad.”

While the strategic plan was drawn up after much deliberation with environmental groups, NGOs say the government introduced the last-minute change without their knowledge.

The proposal, they said, “instead of aiming to tackle illegal trapping, opens the way to the legalisation of ambelopoulia hunting.”..

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