Blue Streaked Lorries

This article below was written by a member of the Lory Conservation Network (LCN)

This is very alarming and we need to do something to convince the authorities in Indonesia to put this species in their list of protected birds so that the trade in this vulnerable Lory species at least decreases if not ceases.
The range of this species Blue-streaked Lory (Eos reticulata) is limited to the small islands of the Tanimbars in Indonesia.
I visit the birdmarket here in Bali frequently for the purpose of gathering information about the trade in birds especially parrots and get a direct view of what species are trapped in big numbers. Last week when I visited this market no fewer than 60 newly caught Forsten’s Lorikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus forsteni) were being offered for sale for a price not higher than 30 US/each and in few cages there were about 10 to 13 of these Blue-streaked Lories for 60 US/each. Lovebirds fetch higher price than these so what I’m hoping for is that this African species which is already established in aviculture will be bred and offered for sale in fairly good numbers and many color variations so that the locals will chose them instead of buying a very difficult bird family to keep and feed such as lories and lorikeets. If there is no demand/buying there will be no value to trap these rare and beautiful lories.


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