Via contain cats New Zealand


Cat food should not look like this.

Having once been driven to near extinction by mammalian predators such as rats, stoats and cats, the return of Hihi is a poignant reminder that such a unique bird deserves a second chance to exist alongside us. Given the achievements of ZEALANDIA so far, containing domestic cats in the Wellington area in conjunction with predator trapping, would greatly assist if not ensure their continued survival.

Containment means ‘safer cats, safer native wildlife’.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the reintroduction of Hihi (stitchbird) into mainland New Zealand!

On February 17th 2005 ZEALANDIA made history by releasing 30 birds into our sanctuary – the first time Hihi were back in the wild in mainland New Zealand for around 120 years!

Today the population of Hihi at ZEALANDIA exceeds 100 adult birds with over 100 fledglings produced last season. While this thriving population is a sign of success for the project, dispersal over the ZEALANDIA fence still remains a risk, with Hihi extremely vulnerable to introduced pests such as rats, stoats, and cats.

Try to spot one of New Zealand’s rarest birds right in Wellington’s backyard at ZEALANDIA!

Zealandia Ecosanctuary’s photo.

Photo credit – Janice McKenna



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