Spring Hunting referendum results

If you have a few days off in between the 17 of April and the 3 of May where you like to do something very useful for nature please contact the CABS team.

Read more below:

Referendum lost. But Maltese PM says that this years spring hunting season will be “last chance” for hunters if killing of protected birds continues. Cabs will be on Malta to keep an eye on the birds and their roosts as well as to report illegalities to the police. From 17 April to 3 May 24 international volunteers will monitor the situation in the field with video cameras, spotting scopes and night vision equipment. Local birdwatchers and environmentalists are invited to help and reinforce our teams. If you can afford a couple of days to help the birds please contact us: Cabs-malta@komitee.de.


Here are Malta’s rules for Spring Hunting:

•Limit set at 11,000 turtle doves and 5,000 quail

•Spring quota is worked out based on number of hunting kills made in the autumn season

•Spring hunters are not allowed to kill more than two birds a day – turtle dove and quail – and are limited to four birds per hunter in the whole season

•Licensed hunters must apply for a special spring hunting licence

•10,000 hunters are legally required to declare every time they go hunting or when they make a kill, before leaving the hunting area

•Hunting fines are €5,000 for first offence, a yea8r in prison and licence revoked.

•Secondary offences are €10,000 and two years in jail



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