Spring Hunting in Malta

Europe is having problems with Malta in regards to illegal shooting and poaching of rare and endagered birds since a very long time…

It seems indeed the best to let money talk and to stop visiting Malta as a tourist location as it seems indeed that the majority of people living in Malta hunts, poaches or just let it happen…. There are far nicer places on this globe to visit with nature conscious people…

via Birders against Wildlife Crime (who is way more polite in their terminology than I am)

More intelligent, measured arguments from the ‘Yes to killing birds as they migrate north to breed’ lobbyists….Staggering, just staggering…

“Alfred Grixti warns that anti spring hunting campaign could lead to precedent whereby people collect signatures to hold a referendum to abolish anything that annoys them”

“7.5 million turtle dove and quail are shot down every year in Europe. If it wasn’t sustainable, then the European Commission would start by abolishing those millions.”

“We believe that the rights and privileges of minorities should be protected from extremists, and we believe that the people will be intelligent enough to vote Yes on Saturday.”



Support the ones who are in Malta and who protect the birds but boycott Malta as a holiday resort as this seems to be the best answer as Money talks. The few minor will suffer but it will be for the greater good…

Unbelievable!! :

Kathleen Grima warns that Malta risks becoming an ‘extremist society’ if the hunting balance is lost through a ban on spring hunting.

Read more:


Here is more to read:

51% favour a Spring hunting ban, large majority against hunting on weekends – survey

Interesting to see if the governent of Malta and the hunters will respect the opinion of the majority of people, or if they will ignore it and do whatever they like…..

But the 51% who are not against spring hunting, tell the truth that the maltesers are still not educated enough to understand that the future lives of all humans on earth depend on birds and on the decisions we make now to save them….This includes every country, every human being and their actions to save birds in way possible as all factors together which eliminate birds, eliminate billions per year all over the world….

MALTA: When Prime Minister Joseph Muscat came into office he introduced hunting on Sundays and Public Holidays in Spring. Which had previously been banned.

The environment NGO said that a survey showed that this was not supported by the Maltese population who want this decision reversed and a hunting ban introduced for the whole weekend and all school holidays.

“60% of the population believe that, even if hunting is allowed in Spring, no hunting at all should be allowed on Spring weekends; this figure rises to 66% for persons aged 35-44 and to 65% for persons aged 45-54.”..


And a short video to watch with the appeal to stop this insane bird slaughter in Malta… https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yQ26Xafl1y0


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