Bird Nesting material for the Garden

With growing human numbers who push more and more of nature and wildlife away, it can be difficult and time consuming for birds to locate enough high quality building materials to make secure and well insulated nests.

Many birds will resort to using dangerous materials like plastics, garbage or even cigarette filters.

Leaving out piles of natural building materials will help provide birds the supplies they need as well as saving them time and energy that is better spent building, incubating and raising their young.

Here are some ideas what to leave behind when gardening or what to provide as nesting material for wildbirds:

Offer broken-up sticks of different sizes, wool or cotton batting, feathers, coconut fibers, untreated animal fur, horse hair, moss, mud in a bowl or puddle, even spider webs and snake skins!

Read about providing more habitat in your yard at:

For excellent nest information and an opportunity to take a very active part in the nesting going on in your yard visit:



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