New Zealand dotterel (Charadrius obscurus) 

Via contain cats NZ

New Zealand dotterel (Charadrius obscurus)

New Zealand status: Endemic

Conservation status: Nationally Vulnerable

“Cats, stoats and hedgehogs and rats are the most common predators of eggs and chicks. Cats and stoats also kill some adult birds, especially during the breeding season. Cats hunt at night, preying on dotterels that are incubating nests. Unfledged chicks are easy prey – one cat can wipe out all the nests in their home range in a single night”. (NZ Department of Conservation)

Via Wade Doak


NZ dotterel are so vulnerable, dashing along the water’s edge for food. Raising their young on popular beaches. Nesting on the dunes. Pretending a wing is broken to lure us away.

Image from our book: “Bringing Back the Birdsong”, where the dotterel story is told. On sale at the Surfshop Tutukaka, and good book stores.



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