Stop the bird slaughter in Cyprus now!

Stop the Bird

 slaughter in Cyprus now!

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Bird trapping has long been banned on the island – the relevant legislation was indeed tightened up on accession to the EU in 2004 – but the poachers are unimpressed and continue to break the law. Some offenders scarcely bother to conceal their trapping sites, not least because large sections of the rural population have little awareness of their wrongdoing. The police and other agencies are not idle; but they do not have enough personnel to effectively combat poaching.

Sign here:

The Truth About Bird Trapping: 1426018150132 Sign here: Another way to help is to support one of the Champions  Of the flyway…This way is only ppossible until the 25th of March. Each year, funds raised by Champions of the Flyway sponsors, participants, and supporters are used to support a different non-governmental organization’s work to prevent the illegal killing of birds. Last year, the race raised nearly $60,000 for a raptor-protection project led by Bird Conservation Georgia. This year’s race will benefit BirdLife Cyprus. You can donate to the Dutch Knights or any of the other teams by following the links to their team pages. Please be generous. We must put an end to the foolish and senseless destruction of birds on Cyprus.


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