Tips in How to Help Migrant Birds

Spring migration fills backyard enthusiasts with the greatest joy as they watch new arrivals scouting out the best places to forage, feed, rest and to nest.For the birds however it is the most physical stressful time of the year as they are constantly battling against unpredictable weather, predation and the energy robbing demand of molting and the unknown availabilty of food and water (not to mention their everforthgoing habitat loss via humans).

Gardeners but also cat keepers have a vitale role to play in supporting the avian migrants.Studies have found that yards, especially in urban and suburban areas, have a significant impact on the nesting syccess rate and abundance of birds…

Here are tips what ‘you’ can do to help:

Birds migrating (Photo: Wiki commons).

With a nice little article to read on how birds Migrate:



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