New Zealand dotterel (Charadrius obscurus) 

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New Zealand dotterel (Charadrius obscurus)

New Zealand status: Endemic

Conservation status: Nationally Vulnerable

“Cats, stoats and hedgehogs and rats are the most common predators of eggs and chicks. Cats and stoats also kill some adult birds, especially during the breeding season. Cats hunt at night, preying on dotterels that are incubating nests. Unfledged chicks are easy prey – one cat can wipe out all the nests in their home range in a single night”. (NZ Department of Conservation)

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NZ dotterel are so vulnerable, dashing along the water’s edge for food. Raising their young on popular beaches. Nesting on the dunes. Pretending a wing is broken to lure us away.

Image from our book: “Bringing Back the Birdsong”, where the dotterel story is told. On sale at the Surfshop Tutukaka, and good book stores.



Robins are up all night

A new project at Glasgow University aims to help resolve why robins are up all night singing in cities.

Dr Davide Dominoni believes that city lights convince the birds there is no end to the day.

Robins are adapted to hunting insects in dim light, so are thought to be particularly sensitive to the effects of artificial lighting.

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Cats indoors in Spring

Please, if you have a cat, keep it indoors. A bell won’t work and will not protect chicks in a nest who cannot flee, plus there are also ground breeding bird…It’s breeding season in many countries and whole families of birds can get killed plus future generations ,via cats.

Spring is here and with it comes a bounty of newborn ‪‎birds‬ and other wildlife. Unfortunately, those young wildlife are not tuned in to the dangers of predators, especially cats. Help reduce this mortality by keeping your pet cats indoors – especially during this vulnerable time of year.

To help ABC to get out the word, check out and support their Causes


Music against Spring Hunting in Malta

Music against spring hunting: Two weeks before the upcoming referendum about the future of spring hunting on Malta local artists have produced a wonderful cover of ‘Shout’ by Tears for Fears to support the ‘No’ to spring hunting referendum campaign (SHout). Vocals were performed by Gianni, Nick Morales and Alison Galea of Beangrowers. Multi-percussionist Renzo Spiteri and Benji Cachia of nosnow/noalps provide drums and percussion.Here is the link to the video. Hit it!


Pale Headed Brush Finch

A pale-headed brush-finch (Altapetes pallidiceps)., one of the most endangered birds in the world.

The pale-headed brush-finch (Altapetes pallidiceps) disappeared for 30 years. But intensive surveys in 1998 turned up a few breeding pairs in southern Ecuador’s Yunguilla Valley, initiating a race to save those that remained. The American Bird Conservancy (ABC), in collaboration with Fundación Jocotoco, an Ecuadorian conservation organization, worked to establish the Yunguilla Reserve to protect the brush-finch’s habitat – which totals just half a square mile in size (one square kilometer).


Stop the bird slaughter in Cyprus now!

Stop the Bird

 slaughter in Cyprus now!

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Bird trapping has long been banned on the island – the relevant legislation was indeed tightened up on accession to the EU in 2004 – but the poachers are unimpressed and continue to break the law. Some offenders scarcely bother to conceal their trapping sites, not least because large sections of the rural population have little awareness of their wrongdoing. The police and other agencies are not idle; but they do not have enough personnel to effectively combat poaching.

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The Truth About Bird Trapping: 1426018150132 Sign here: Another way to help is to support one of the Champions  Of the flyway…This way is only ppossible until the 25th of March. Each year, funds raised by Champions of the Flyway sponsors, participants, and supporters are used to support a different non-governmental organization’s work to prevent the illegal killing of birds. Last year, the race raised nearly $60,000 for a raptor-protection project led by Bird Conservation Georgia. This year’s race will benefit BirdLife Cyprus. You can donate to the Dutch Knights or any of the other teams by following the links to their team pages. Please be generous. We must put an end to the foolish and senseless destruction of birds on Cyprus.