Laysan Albatross chicks threatened by feral Cats

The time is urgent that people recognize that feral (and free roaming) cats pose the biggest threat to wildlife as they are a introduced non native and invasive predator species. (Rodents-if present- should also be removed at the same time as cats -if they are non native to a country.If they are native then remove or contain the non native cat species and reintroduce the raptor birds back which are the natural rodent regulator.)Anyway these are just some conclusive thoughts based on what has been tried over the past years and proven to be successful- like the reintroduction of raptor birds.

Wildlife officials on Kauai are keeping a close eye on Laysan albatross chicks, especially since 22 of them have disappeared over the past three weeks.

Officials say feral cats have been taking the chicks from a wildlife refuge.

In response, they’ve set up traps and so far, they’ve caught eight feral cats…

Watch the short video:


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