Migratory songbirds in East Asia are in trouble

Again, humans are the cause for the bird decline. If we remove non native predatory animal species from the countries which cannot be contained and contain all predatory pet animals, stop unneccessary hunting and poaching, use bird friendly glass or bird tape and start to breed less and stick with a one by (=two kids per couple as the estimation is 9.6 Billion people by 2050) it will help a lot as there will be more habitat left in time and billions of bird lives will be saved by only tackling these few factors…of course there are more factors, but these ones ‘everyone’ can do with ease…

Currently available evidence suggests that habitat loss and hunting are the two most significant threats on the East Asia flyway, while other threats like invasive species, climate change and collision with man-made structures can also have a big impact.Read more:


Image: Ibdel Bizid



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