Cat indoor programme in Hawaii

Great news for the wildlife in  Hawaii.8 out of 10 cat keepers will keep their cats indoors :).It shows that people begin understand the seriousness of the threat that the non native and invasive animal species cat poses.A cat is a pet and has been domesticated for about twelve thousand years and us as far away from

their natural ancestor as a chihuahua from a wolf.As all pets must be contained there is no sane reason why a cat should make a exception.

Take a look at ABC’s newest ‪PSA‬ featuring the Cats Indoors program, ‪Hawaii‬ edition, which debuted during the Grammys and reached a huge audience. This PSA, the latest in a series of efforts to ‪KeepCatsIndoors‬, urges viewers in Hawaii to keep their pet ‪cats‬ indoors to better protect ‪birds‬, people and of course, the cats themselves.



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