Cats indoor Pledge

Please sign if you haven’t already.

If in doubt here is a short explanation why cats don’t really belong outdoors without being restricted as they are as far away from being a natural animal as a chihuahua from a wolf!

Check out this latest ‪‎PSA‬ from our Cats Indoors program. As a leader in bird ‪‎conservation‬, ABC takes on the major threats to ‪‎birds‬. Estimates show that outdoor ‪‎cats‬ kill well over 1 billion birds in the ‪US‬ each year. Keeping pet cats indoors is a simple solution that we can all get behind – and it’s better for cats too! If you like the PSA, please consider contributing to our Causes

Your support will help us get this PSA distributed to television stations across the US. Be part of the movement to ‪KeepCatsIndoors‬.

To take the pledge to keep your cat indoors,

Keep Cats Indoors

Keeping cats indoors is better for cats and birds. Free-roaming domestic cats suffer a much higher…



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