Today is World Wetlands Day

Today is World Wetlands Day!

Wetland habitats around the world are disappearing, and the birds they support, including many once considered common, are in sharp decline. 1

7% of waterbird species are considered globally threatened.

Wetlands are an integral part of the hydrological cycle, which is central to the maintenance of life on Earth; they provide us with food and water (both to drink and to sustain our agriculture and industry).

They have a fundamental role in the carbon cycle and they contribute to the regulation of both local and global climate.

(Safeguarding wetland ecosystems is vital for local communities). The conversion of wetland habitats makes no economic sense once these currently unmarketed services are taken into account….

Wetlands provide vital benefits for millions of people, including food, fibre, flood protection, water purification and supply.

Read the article on wetlands  from Birdlife International.


The underlying cause for all the problems we have on earth in regards to decline of nature is overpopulation as with more people come more space and product demand’s which have a inevitable effect on the environment in many ways.

In 1350 we had 370 Million people on earth.It exceeded 7.2 Billion in 2012.The estimation is 9.6 Billion for 2050.

So let’s stick to a one by one breeding (=2 kids per couple.Or 1.) or if that’s too late for some, to pass the importance of that on to future generations. It will take a few hundreds years time to reduce the world population -but it can be done. (The odd balls like triplets etc are included.).


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