Migrating Birds in Montenegro

BirdLife International

The BirdLife Partnership is building a growing network of people and organisations who are working together to look after migrant birds in the Mediterranean.

Here is an update from Montenegro http://www.birdlife.org/europe-and-central-asia/news/growing-network-helping-montenegrin-migrants

Image: Markus Varesvuo



The right nesting box

As winter wanes and our thoughts turn to springtime, it’s time to think about nesting boxes for birds. Many cavity nesting birds scout out and select nest sites starting in late February through May, so now is the time to begin making preparations. – See more at:


Nesting box with a predator block and good ventilation. Credit to Roger H. Goun.


Noise and light pollution alters ecologies

Human noise and human lights are fundamentally changing nature, including the density and diversity of ‪ birds‬. Less light and less noise are needed for both humans and ‪wildlife‬, says a panel of experts at the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting….


A great blue heron takes in the view of San Francisco from a pier at Alameda Point in Alameda, Calif. (D. Ross Cameron/Bay Area News Group)


Vote: Should the illegal Bird trapping in Cyprus be stopped?

Vote and or donate…Like I wrote before, a single human man (like in the recent news = http://m.thestar.com/#/article/news/world/2015/02/06/300000-in-donations-for-detroit-man-who-walks-34-km-to-and-from-work.html )

seems to get more money than entire species’ for which all life on earth depend on ……



Illegal Bird of Prey Persecution

Illegal bird of prey persecution:

10/02/2015-CABS staff (h


freed a Buzzard from an illegal trap in Steinfurt (NWR District) of Germany. The weakened raptor was taken to an emergency veterinary hospital and will spend time recuperating in a local Bird of Prey rehabilitation centre. Although under European law Cage or Box traps are permitted for trapping of some mammal species, they must be inconspicuous to none target species and inspected at regular intervals to prevent unnecessary suffering. Given the trap was baited with a live dove it can be reliably inferred that the trap was set specifically to target protected Birds of Prey. Police investigations are ongoing.


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Illegal bird Poachers sentenced in Malta

Five poachers sentenced in Malta February 18th 2015.Three of whom were prosecuted thanks to our field investigations. CABS (http://m.komitee.de/node/31) l

ed police to two illegal bird traders who were each given a €600 fine after being caught red handed with freshly caught Greenfinches. Another poacher from Buskett was fined €1500 and had his trapping licence revoked for a year after CABS observed him targeting protected pipits and finches (see photo).

Furthermore, harder punishments were handed out to two hunters who had shot two oystercatchers whilst out at sea. Each was given a €1500 fine, their boat confiscated and hunting licences revoked for LIFE.


Please donate to the CABS team as they are doing dangerous, but great work.