Cats destroy wildlife

Too bad snakes aren’t native to many countries or cannot be trained to hunt cats…

Via Contain cats NZ

NZ cats; apex predator and companion animal.

Elsewhere in the world domestic cats are eaten by snakes, coyotes and great horned owls. In NZ cats have no such threats and are effectively apex predators in urban areas. Their population size overall is not controlled by the availability of prey as it would be in any natural ecological system. They receive their nutritional needs from cat food. If numbers of small introduced mammals, native birds and lizards decline, cat numbers are not reduced by famine. Urban cats hunt and kill without necessity for survival.

Cats were introduced into NZ as companion animals and to control rabbits and rodents. Rabbits and rodents are still common while NZ has lost 11 species of endemic birds which have cats as a primary causal factor in those losses. Lizards are relatively scarce and cats are generally a significant factor in these declines.

To claim cats are a natural part of NZ’s ecology and should be roaming free to control rats and mice disregards their historical impact on our native wildlife, the current threats which cats pose to many declining species and their potential for continued indiscriminate predation .

image .Python predates domestic cat.



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