Song Bird slaughter for restaurants

The reason for all these bird masacres in Cyprus are the people who go into restaurants and who eat these birds as without them, no one would gain a profit.

A quote comes to mind here:

“Not everyone is in a position to help other animals, but everyone is in a position not to harm them.”

So by ‘not’ eating birds, any person can help a lot.

People travelling to Cyprus and finding restaurants where birds are being served (just look what’s on the plates around) should also leave that restaurant and tell the manager or waiter why. Or just not eat there any longer and telling that to the staff before leaving the restaurant.

Take a picture of that restaurant from the outside and post it on facebook or/and twitter.Send it to the CABS team and ask them to make a list of the restaurants which serve (endangered) songbirds. This list can be published then on websites of birders.

As Andrea points out in the video if we keep on doing what we are doing because we have always done it that way, and we don’t look at the bigger picture what consequences our actions have, we will destroy the whole planet in 5-10 years.

Never forget that birds are essential for life on earth as they are insect and rodent controller’s, pollinators and seed dispersers. No human technology can plant the amount and kind of plants birds plant in the way they do per year all over the planet.

No human technogy can pollinate what they pollinate per year all over the planet.

And no human technology, other predator or pesticide can control the rodent and insect populations like they do.

We must do whatever we can to stop slauthering them and hunting them (for fun.).

Times have changed and by having more and more people living on this planet who need money to survive and by killing more and more birds with wind turbines, glass, fireworks, pesticides, habitat loss, unnecessary predators we keep as pets like cats and pollution of air, water and soil we are losing birds in dramatic numbers.

Watch the video;


Here is another link to read:

It is estimated that illegal trapping has increased by over 50%. The numbers of poachers have increased since the banking crisis earlier this year. Desperate for cash, more people have turned to this lucrative business, since a dozen birds can be sold for as much as 80 euros. Read more:


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