Cat Dog in New Zealand

Great news form New Zealand.The country is making slowly but good progress towards their cat problem.

The country has lost 11 bird species and many are under threat to extinct since the introduction of predatory animals such as cats, rats and stouts…But as cats (feral and free roaming) are the most skilled hunters they became soon the main reason for the bird extinctions. By removing cats to 100% from some of their Islands and building rescue places for some of their most endangered bird species on these Islands New Zealand was able to recover these bird species in numbers.To catch Ferral.cats (cats without owner) can be difficilt and New Zealand came up with a cat dog. :)Great idea 🙂

Feral cats can be very difficult to trap and destroy. Dogs such as Milo are highly trained and are a very important asset in eradication strategies, to protect our native species. Cats are the third most significant cause of endemic bird extinctions in this country and remain a significant threat to most ground nesting birds, and nearly all lizard species.

SHE PASSED!! Yep Milo is now a fully certified “cat” dog. On average, three hours of training every day, over the last year and a half has payed off. Now let’s go and help save some of our amazing native wildlife. 🙂



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