Birds as gifts are a bad idea

Christmas is close and many birds will end up being given as a Christmas present.

But is a for many reasons (which you can read more in the links below) bad idea.

The usual birds that are being kept by people in cages or aviaries, are exotics and have more needs that people are aware off. Like they have four season’s which they need to be able to live through or otherwise they will become inevitably sick (featherplucking, weak immune sytem, soft moult – to name a few…) or/and live a much shorter life.

Plus the biggest cruelty is to keep them in a single cage and not in flocks.(Even a budgie is a flock bird).

Read through both links below before you decide to get a bird.

And if you still want a bird or give on as a present -get one from a bird sanctuary….

And a little info why Avian medicine and Avian Vets are more expensive…



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