Red Crowned Parakeet

Another bird that is in strong decline due non native introduced predators like cats, rats and stoats (from which cats are the most skilled hunters and the main driver for the decline) in New Zealand is the Red Crowned Parakeet.

Sadly many  cat keepers and self called animal lovers in New Zealand are mainly responsible for the decline and extinction  of bird species and the decline of other  wildlife by resisting towards a removement of  some of the non native species like feral cats and stoats.But also by resisting to contain their own cats which kill birds and other wildlife just like their feral members.

Red-crowned parakeet

Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae


“Formerly common throughout New Zealand, red-crowned parakeets are now largely restricted to pest-free offshore and outlying islands, from the Kermadec Islands east to the Chatham Islands and south to the Auckland Islands.

North Island and South Island mainland populations were eliminated through predation by introduced mammals (particularly cats, stoats and rats” ) nzbirdsonline



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