Insanity of Lebanon

Here is a heart breaking video from Lebanon.

It is not enough that hunters shoot thousands of birds per week and decorate proudly their cars…They have also to make sure that ‘any’ survivors are being killed otherwise….

barbagianni-libano (1)

To do such an act of cruelty requires a certain kind of violent thinking towards nature and according to natural laws these people have indeed no right no live amongst other living creatures on earth because they have abnormalities in their brains. The ancient folks such as the Aztecs- to name one- executed people like this because they knew that something was wrong in their heads and in order to prevent a passing on of this sickness via offspring they killed them. But societies standards have changed over the years and we are left with a big amount of mentally sick people on this planet who destroy nature and the creatures on this planet for fun and ignorance (the latter because people let this happen). But there is power in thought and we should imagine and trust, that they will receive what they deserve on earth and bring awareness to others that these people do wrong. We create our life with our thought if we want it or not of. And the law of precipitation will catch up with everyone sooner or later.So whatever a person does good or wrong comes ten times back at some point in their life (not neccessary from the same target). In other words: they are planting the seeds of their own misfortune with their doing in some way or another- (that’s my personal comforting knowing because I have seen and experienced many times that this law works.)


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