Illegal online Bird trader caught

Woohoo! Philippine authorities busted an online trader with 300 assorted endangered marine and wildlife products including black corals, giant clams and turtle parts. In a separate incident they nabbed two other traders with dozens of protected birds. Please,


Thousands of birds die per year due illegal birdtrading because someone somewhere fancies a exotic bird as a pet….Now one could say that they have bought it in a pet shop…Are you sure? Because the pet shops buy birds assuming its coming from a breeder while in reality they can come from a illegal shipment.Please for the sake of nature and this planet-stop buying exotic birds….The number of exotic burds is rappidly declining due habitat loss, hunting and poaching.In average 5-10 out of 50 that were stolen from a nest survive…Less than that make it to the shop…Taking these birds is rippung a hole into essential.biodiversity and we will feel the consequences one day.Leave exotic birds alone,free and living with others of their kind in nature where they belong and have a essential function. They do not belong in cages unable to fly for km, unable to mate with the correct partner who has the correct genes to avoid disabilities and other illnesses, unable to.get the right temperature, the correct clean, natural and organic food, the correct light conditions on time and their essential four seasons…Let birds be where they belong – in nature…


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