Kermadec Red Crowned Parakeet

New Zealand had 11 bird species extinct due the introduction of non native predator species for which cats take the biggest toll.Many cats have no owner in New Zealand and are considered as feral.But New Zealand has also many cats who have a home but being allowed to roam free and they also add to the killing.All countries should look at New Zealand and learn from their past in order not to make the same mistakes.

Not native animal species should be removed from every country and non native animal species contained and controlled in numbers. Both can be done and should be done because our animals species worldwide dwindle down in rapid numbers and we must do whatever we can to slow this process  down or to stop it.

Every pet animal has to be contained and it doesn’t make sense why cats should be the exception as they from all the standard pet animals wreak the most havoc in biodiversity because they are the most skilled hunters and no cat owner who says their pet doesn’t hunt is observing their cat 24/7 aren’t they? ???! Any cat kills and if a cat gets a adult bird in breeding season a whole family will die because the chicks will starve to death!

I grew up with cat’s and their were always in a self constructed catio or kept indoors and cat keepers not doing that is based on convenience, laziness and nit wanting to take responsibility as a animal keeper.Pet animals  come with great responsibility and one of them is the prevention to do whatever neccessary to prevent other native forms being killed or even driven into extinction.

Article taken from contain cats NZ


“When cats were introduced last century the introduced kiore (Rattus exulans) was the only mammalian prey though many birds were available. Land birds present then included the Kermadec red-crowned parakeet, an un-described pigeon, tui, and sacred kingfisher; seabirds included at least five species of petrels and three species of terns (Merton, 1970).

Norway rats(Rattus norvegicus) were introduced in 1921. Now cats and rats are common, the local pigeon is extinct, parakeets are represented only by stragglers from the nearby Herald Islets, and the only common seabird is the colonial-nesting sooty tern(Sterna fuscata) which may be threatened by cats and rats (Taylor, 1979)”

Image courtesy of Tepapa Museum depicts ‘Megapode'(megapodius) Once found on Raoul Island in the Kermadec group. Extinct since 1876.

Primary cause of extinction; Cats, pigs and human hunting.



Which Bird Which plant (by Yardmap)

This is a great link to find out what certain birds eat and therfore to plant certain plants in your garden or to support them with Insect hotels. ..Here are some ideas for insect hotels:

Which bird which plant:


Wind energy firm sues to block bird death data release

No company should be allowed to block data about bird death that their products are causing  from being released to the public.The public has a right to know if the products of a company are leading g to the death of earth essential creatures as the public is the customer of the companies products. Animal species extinct in  a very fast speed and we must protect what we have left .Even if this means that we have to search  for other energy alternatives….The public must know what harms the environment and what doesn’t. …


WASHINGTON — A company that operates at least 13 wind-energy facilities across three states is suing in federal court to block the U.S. government from releasing information to The Associated Press about how many birds are found dead at its facilities.


Insanity of Lebanon

Here is a heart breaking video from Lebanon.

It is not enough that hunters shoot thousands of birds per week and decorate proudly their cars…They have also to make sure that ‘any’ survivors are being killed otherwise….

barbagianni-libano (1)

To do such an act of cruelty requires a certain kind of violent thinking towards nature and according to natural laws these people have indeed no right no live amongst other living creatures on earth because they have abnormalities in their brains. The ancient folks such as the Aztecs- to name one- executed people like this because they knew that something was wrong in their heads and in order to prevent a passing on of this sickness via offspring they killed them. But societies standards have changed over the years and we are left with a big amount of mentally sick people on this planet who destroy nature and the creatures on this planet for fun and ignorance (the latter because people let this happen). But there is power in thought and we should imagine and trust, that they will receive what they deserve on earth and bring awareness to others that these people do wrong. We create our life with our thought if we want it or not of. And the law of precipitation will catch up with everyone sooner or later.So whatever a person does good or wrong comes ten times back at some point in their life (not neccessary from the same target). In other words: they are planting the seeds of their own misfortune with their doing in some way or another- (that’s my personal comforting knowing because I have seen and experienced many times that this law works.)

Birds and Agriculture-it can work

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology:

When The Nature Conservancy wanted to put a big bet down on thousands of acres of shorebird habitat in California’s Central Valley, it turned to eBird and its big-data analytics. And the bet paid off—with more than 200,000 birds….more…

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Emptying the Skies

W A T C H – CABS on Al Jazeera TV: The Qatar-based news channel has aired and uploaded Emptying the skies – the award winning doc about CABS and the fight against songbird poaching in the Mediterranean. Here is the link to the full movie on the AJ webpage:

It’s a true and very moving documentary…