Decline of Migratory Birds

This decline of migratory birds is not only in the UK. There are many reasons ‘worldwide’ that add up to be the reasons for the decline in birds. We have 7.2 Billion people on earth and the estimation is 6.9 for 2050….

More people need more space to live and take up wetlands, forest space

and planes.

More people need more space to farm for their food and that of their pets and take up wetlands, forest space and planes for that.

More people need more energy which also destroys living space.

And of course more and more wind turbines being put up and killing birds.

More and more people means also more glass structures, windows and cars which also add to bird death.

More people means more pet cats who also add to the bird decline. ..

Than there are pesticides which kill the foods that the birds eat and poison them also.

And then there is unneccessary bird hunting and poaching in known countries per year during bird migration which take a large lump of birds also…

(Thankfully small progress in regards to hunting and poaching has started and in which Malta as a first and good example has started to cooperate as a country while others support activist groups with law enforcement.Its not enough -but a good start.)

We all must do our best to protect migrating bird species. ..Or otherwise human kind will extinct at the end of the line as when birds are gone so will we. ..There is a saying: birds, insect pollinators and trees are most important to life on earth. (Of course every creature is important, but we humans cannot exist without any of these three.)

Picture and link below via BirdLife International:

New report reveals scale of declines of UK migratory birds wintering in Africa

Image :Yellow Wagtail: copyright Andy Hay



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