Ivory Pouchers Killing Vultures

Poachers have started to lace the carcasses of shot elephants with poison in order to kill vultures.By doing this there will be no vultures circling the air and alarming wildlife authorities about their killing activity…The ongoing slaughter of Africa’s elephants is at record levels. The situation has gotten out of hand in many countries, especially those lacking the resources to fight the increase in demand for ivory from the Far East. White-backed vultures poisoned at an elephant carcass.


Please, do not  buy anything made of ivory.Think about why you want ivory and if there is a alternative like a second hand buy.It is only your ego that needs satisfaction when you buy something made of ivory as a decoration for example.But soon your ego isn’t satisfied any longer and you will search for the next satisfaction. Things won’t bring you lasting happiness.Search instead for true satisfaction which can only be found in protecting what’s left of our planet and helping nature and it’s creatures and restoring it.


Photo courtesy of Gonarezhou Transfrontier Park in Mozambique.






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