Bird Slaughter and other activity in Italy during migration

Not even the earliest stages of our ancestors who came out of caves used such methods or caught song birds. So where does this leave these song bird catching people amongst humanity? Certainly a disgrace to be called humans as they treat other creatures in such a barbaric way…

And slashing car tires of the people who doing all they can  to protect our planet and helping the birds is certainly a sign of some sort of mental illness as acts like these can hardly called normal…

Here is the short article:

As the autumn camp in Brescia, Northern Italy gets underway, several illegal trappers have been apprehended following field investigations by CABS teams. In Saló, Lake Garda, two men were found to be operating illegal mist nets and further West in Val Sabbia another poacher was discovered to have set up a network of live decoys as lures to the nets. A dead Robin (photographed) was found at the scene. Furthermore, a car used by the teams had it’s tyres slashed in Collio/Val Trompia. It’s believed that the perpetrators were local hunters, the damage amounts to around €1000



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