Amazing Seagulls

Did you know?


-There are more than 50 Gull species in the world.


-like all creatures, Seagulls pass their learnt behaviour on to their offspring but also teach their young various maneuvers and other creative methods of hunting which shows the intelligent ability to pass skills on to others.


-They trick earthworms to the surface by stamping their feet on the ground to imitate rainfall.


-they have learnt to open hard shelled molluscs by dropping them from a higher altitude onto rocks.


 -they follow ploughs in the fields where upturned earth provide them with plenty of live food.


-Seagulls, in particular the Heermann’s Gull, are kleptomaniacs that have developed many clever ways of stealing the catch of other seabirds. You’ve may have witnessed it but did not know what was actually going on. The next time you see seagulls hanging around hunting and plunging for food pelicans, spend some time there and watch them. The gulls know that the pelican must drain the water from its beak before it can swallow its catch. During that process the gull will go for any exposed part of the fish and take what it can get until the draining process is completed. 


-Seagulls also use their flying skills to pluck fish from birds in flight, or use truly fascinating maneuvers to pester them until they drop the food which the gull will catch before it hits the water…However crows will do the same to them 🙂


-They are monogamous creatures that mate for life and rarely divorce.


-They have a strong social structure that works very effectively against predators that intrude into their breeding colonies, as they will gang up on the intruder with up to a hundred gulls and drive them away, on occasion even driving them out to sea to drown.


-they take turns incubating the eggs, and are attentive parents feeding and protecting the chicks. 


-young gulls form nursery flocks where they will play and learn vital skills for adulthood. Nursery flocks are watched over by a few adult males and these flocks will remain together until the birds are old enough to breed.


-studies have shown that Gulls have a complex and highly developed repertoire for communication which includes a range of vocalisations and body movements.


-they can drink both fresh and salt water. Most animals are unable to do this, but seagulls have a special pair of glands right above their eyes which is specifically designed to flush the salt from their systems through openings in the bill.


 -Seagulls have a excellent vision which is way better than human vision. They are one of the few birds with eyes that can move in their sockets 


-Seagulls have learned to conserve energy by hovering over bridges in order to absorb raising heat from paved roadways


-Gulls vary in diversity from the smallest gull being 29 cm and weighing 120 g,

and the largest being the Great Black-beaked Gull being 75 cm and weighing 1.75 kg.


-The Seagull has become the state bird of Seagulls Utah after they have helped the Mormon settlers to deal with a plague of crickets. A monument in Salt Lake City commemorates the event, known as the ‘Miracle of the Gulls’.


-In Native American symbolism, the seagull represents a carefree attitude, versatility, and freedom.


Seagulls are fun to watch and fun to study as a birdwatcher if you’re into that sort of thing. Once you’ve identified all the species around the beach, you will still find more, around because they seem to cover most of the Sea of Cortez from end to end and drop in on each other from time to time. 😉

Ready to go Herring gull chick:



Petition to sign to stop Bird slaughter in Lebanon

The pictures below are shared via Stop Hunting in Lebanon

























Death of Thousands of Native animal species in New Zealand due Non Native species

One way to remove a native animal species from the face of the earth is the inability of the government to deal with the threat in a correct manner.

In the example of New Zealand, their SPCA does NOT address the threat- problem of their native species in a proper and efficient way and remove the non native animal species such as cats and various rodents….

How many more animal species must extinct due human stupidities such as these before something is being done effectively?



Malta continues with bird trapping!

…Just when I had given the Maltesers a compliment,they start again….

Will they never learn that we need all the birds to control insects and rodents and that with less and less birds (as not only Malta kills them.for fun) the pesticides must increase as less and less natural predators are there?

So people of the rest of the world thank Malta and all other countries for their unneccessary hunting and poaching if we need more pesticides which makes us humans also ‘very’ sick. ..

From the CABS:

Malta will face legal action over bird trapping: 3 days before the opening of a new trapping season for finches and plovers on Malta the European Commission has issued a formal warning. The Times of Malta reports, includes CABS and government reaction.


Fireworks kill thousands of birds

Fireworks cost a lot of money and serve only a illusion in the human mind.It isn’t natural and many animals suffer yearly during such a event.Is it really worth it to have them? Not in my opinion as celebrations can be done without killing other creatures.

Via American Bird Conservancy

Thousands of common ‪#‎birds‬ like cardinals were killed or injured at a New Year’s Eve fireworks event in Arkansas in 2011. Let’s hope that as events are planned for the upcoming holiday season, impacts to birds are more carefully considered.


Decline of Migratory Birds

This decline of migratory birds is not only in the UK. There are many reasons ‘worldwide’ that add up to be the reasons for the decline in birds. We have 7.2 Billion people on earth and the estimation is 6.9 for 2050….

More people need more space to live and take up wetlands, forest space

and planes.

More people need more space to farm for their food and that of their pets and take up wetlands, forest space and planes for that.

More people need more energy which also destroys living space.

And of course more and more wind turbines being put up and killing birds.

More and more people means also more glass structures, windows and cars which also add to bird death.

More people means more pet cats who also add to the bird decline. ..

Than there are pesticides which kill the foods that the birds eat and poison them also.

And then there is unneccessary bird hunting and poaching in known countries per year during bird migration which take a large lump of birds also…

(Thankfully small progress in regards to hunting and poaching has started and in which Malta as a first and good example has started to cooperate as a country while others support activist groups with law enforcement.Its not enough -but a good start.)

We all must do our best to protect migrating bird species. ..Or otherwise human kind will extinct at the end of the line as when birds are gone so will we. ..There is a saying: birds, insect pollinators and trees are most important to life on earth. (Of course every creature is important, but we humans cannot exist without any of these three.)

Picture and link below via BirdLife International:

New report reveals scale of declines of UK migratory birds wintering in Africa

Image :Yellow Wagtail: copyright Andy Hay


Why spiders are useful for birds

Spiders are important for biodiversity…They act as pest control, disease prevention and as food supply for others.Sadly many people are afraid of them as they have too many legs, can run quickly or come down from the ceiling on a silk threat etc…

Please do not kill them but catch them.with a glass and by closing it with  a paper, envelope or a postcard and release them outside if you don’t like them indoors. Some  spiders live through the winter so make sure to put them inside your shed or the loft until spring time as otherwise their fragile bodies can freeze outdoors- hence they seek shelter in the warmth of your home.

Read more about how birds use spiders as a pest control for their nests..