Malta- great news :)

Here are some news from the CABS in Malta.I am very grateful that this group exists and that these  beautiful people doing such a great job over there :)…And of course a big thank you to the Police in Malta, the government and the clean hunters :)….However Malta still continues to cause problems by illegal bird poaching and bird hunting.

Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)

Malta: Hunting ban works – birds are safe. In the week after the government announced the closing of the hunting season thousands of migratory birds have roosted on the island – and survived! CABS are still monitoring the countryside and the poachers – who cannot “hide” between law abiding hunters anymore – decided to stay at home. In the last days the teams observed several hundreds of Honey Buzzards, Marsh Harriers and Kestrels as well as Ospreys, Short-toed eagles, Lesser Spotted Eagles, Black Kites, European Bittern and loads of different heron species leaving the island unscathed. The picture shows raptors flying in front of the Valletta skyline


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