Cruelty on Malta

Comeback of a gruesome tradition: Trappers on Malta are allowed to catch 26,850 Chaffinches, Linnets, Goldfinches, Greenfinches, Hawfinches, Serins and Siskins every autumn, the Maltese Ornis Committee (the governments advisory board on hunting) recommended.

Even though this will be a clear violation of Malta´s accession treaty to the EU in which the country agreed to phase out finch trapping by 2008 it is generally expected that the pro-hunting government will follow this recommendation and open a trapping season for these seven species this year. CABS is preparing an international protest campaign to put pressure on the Maltese Prime Minister and to convince the European Commission to take action before the trappers can set up their clap nets.

Boycott Malta if you love burds. They slaughter thousands birds during spring hunting and more in Autumn…This insanity must stop!




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